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(included a cartridge)
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Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

A popular health care product in Japan

Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301


Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

Alkaline water ionizer purifier

EU301 is a health care product from Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation, a part of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings—one of Japan's oldest and most influential corporations. EU301, trusted in over 40 countries worldwide and gaining popularity in Vietnam, delivers alkaline water with numerous health benefits.
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

Natural minerals and alkaline everyday

Strong Alkaline
pH = 9,5 - 10,5

Remove bitterness and pesticide residues from vegetables and fruits; Maintain vegetables' natural color; Reduce cooking time; Keep flowers fresh longer.

Alkaline 3
pH = 9,0 - 10,0

Direct drinking for those who are used to usage. Enhances original flavor of tea and coffee. Cook quickly meat, beans and hard grains for saving time.

Alkaline 2
pH = 8.5 - 9.5

Direct drinking, cooking for those experienced with alkaline water. Enhances the taste and flavor of alcoholic beverages.

Alkaline 1
pH = 9,0 - 10,0

Suitable for direct drinking and cooking, especially for beginners. Used in cooking rice to make grains soft, tender, and more fragrant.

Filtered water with natural minerals intact from tap

Direct drinking. Taking medicine or preparing milk for babies can help enhance body's absorption efficiency.

pH = 5.0 - 6.5

For bright, smooth and radiant skin. Softens eggshell making them easier to peel, softens various types of noodles.

Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301


Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

Electrolysis Mechanism of Alkaline Water

EU301 is designed to produce alkaline water through the electrolysis process using DC current in the electrolysis tank. The product is equipped with 5 platinum and titanium electrode plates to ensure purity, safety, and the absence of chemical impurities in the electrolysis process.

Mitsubishi Cleansui’s advanced technology begins with the source water.

Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

EU301 is a sophisticated highlight, elevating living space. Compact design with an intuitive control panel makes it easy to select water modes and enjoy a healthy, elegant lifestyle every day.

Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

4 filtration layers in 1 high-performance cartridge

EU301 utilizes hollow fiber membrane technology, first developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation. Advanced technology in manufacturing and controlling pore size on the surface of hollow fiber membrane ensures that bacteria and impurities are removed and nature minerals are intacted.
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Non-woven fabric
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Ion exchange fiber
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Activated carbon
Alkaline water ionizer purifier
Hollow fiber membrane
Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

Replacement Cartridge


3.888.000  VNĐ

  • EU301
  • EU201/ EU202/ EU101
  • ET101
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Mitsubishi Cleansui EU301

Product specifications

Heights & weight of faucet:

290mm & approx. 1,5kg

Faucet material:

Pure copper chrome plated

Water temperature:

Under 35 degree Celsius

Quality of water supply:

Tap water according to QCVN 01-1:2018/BYT

Electrolysis tank dimension (RxDxC):

170 x 104 x 294 mm


AC220V – 240V, 50-60 Hz


Maximum at 250W
Sleep mode at approx. 0.5W

Permitted continuous operating time:

Alkaline water 1, 2, 3 in approx. 10 mins
Strong alkaline/ acidic water in approx. 5 mins

International and Vietnamese inspection standards:

JIS – S 3201: 1999/ 2010
QCVN 6-1:2010/ BYT

Mitsubishi Cleansui

International awards &
safety standard certifications

Pasteur Institute Certification
Certification from General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality
*This information is confidential due to copyright reasons. For further details, please contact 1800 8171 or 1800 8172.
*This information is confidential due to copyright reasons. For further details, please contact 1800 8171 or 1800 8172.
Mitsubishi Cleansui

Comment & Feedback

Drinking alkaline water helps neutralize stomach acid. I haven't experienced bloating and burping anymore.
Ms. Tran Ngoc Diep
Ms. Tran Ngoc Diep
Ha Noi
After using alkaline water, my blood fat index unexpectedly returned to normal.
Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Thụ
Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Thụ
Ha Noi
I haven't experienced lingering stomach pain and acid reflux anymore.
Le Thu Thuy
Le Thu Thuy
Ha Noi

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Delivery policy

Estimated delivery times based on geographical distance factors and delivery methods are as follows:

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi: Within 2 working days..
  • From Da Nang to Ca Mau and provinces in the North: Within 3-5 working days and maximum of 7 working days for remote areas.

Frequently asking

What are the product warranty terms?

Equipment will be warranted if certain conditions are met:

  • The product still be within the warranty period.
  • The damage must be confirmed by a Mitsubishi Cleansui technician as a manufacturer defect
  • The product is not in cases of refusal to accept the warranty
  • Warranty stamps and serial numbers must be intact, with no signs of scratches, erasing or fading
  • The product only use tap water (according to QCVN 01-1: 2018/ BYT), water pressure from 0.07-0.35 Mpa, below 35 degrees Celsius, and above freezing temperature.
  • The product is used properly voltage.
Can alkaline water be used regularly? If alkaline water is boiled, will it lose its properties?

You can consume alkaline water regularly at a suitable level for your body. In addition to natural minerals, alkaline water also contains dissolved hydrogen, a byproduct of the electrolysis process. This hydrogen is effective in reducing oxidative stress and offers various health benefits.

To understand effects on the properties of alkaline water when boiled, let’s examine its characteristics:

  • – Naturally rich in alkalinity
  • High levels of antioxidants (due to ultra-small H2 molecules)
  • Ultra-small water molecule cluster structure
  • Abundant natural minerals (as a result of the electrolysis process, alkaline water is richer in minerals compared to tap water)

However, it’s important to note that boiling alkaline water may impact some of its positive properties, specifically characteristics 2 and 4. The evaporation of H2 molecules and precipitation of natural minerals can occur at high temperatures. Consequently, certain beneficial aspects of alkaline water may be compromised during boiling.

EU301 has been utilized for more than a year, but "Replace Cartridge" indicator has not illuminated. Is it necessary to replace cartridge? Why does "Replace Cartridge" indicator light up in some instances, even when it hasn't been used for a year?

“Replace Cartridge” indicator has two expiration warning states:

  • Flashing light/red: EU301 has been operational for 346-365 days – Signaling that the cartridge is approaching expiration.
  • Solid light/red: EU301 has been operational for more than 366 days – Indicating the need to replace with a new cartridge.

If EU301 has been in use for over a year and the indicator hasn’t activated, there may have been power outages or unplugging. The device only counts time when it has power. Our customer care department will call to remind about the cartridge replacement time. Additionally, our technical department will also check to ensure the counter is functioning properly.

If the “Replace Cartridge” indicator lights up before one year of usage, please contact 1800 8171 (Southern) – 1800 8172 (Northern) (free of charge). Our technical staff will come for inspection and address any issues.

Is there any intermingling of these two water sources when the auxiliary faucet and main faucet simultaneously direct water into the sink? Can the auxiliary faucet be detached?

Customers are free to use water from both the main and auxiliary faucets for tasks such as washing vegetables or cleaning the sink. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to mix these two water sources for direct drinking, as the water from the auxiliary faucet may have an unstable pH.

It is crucial for customers not to remove the auxiliary faucet, as doing so may compromise the safety of the system and introduce the risk of bacterial contamination from the auxiliary faucet head into the cartridge.

Other brands use chemicals to clean electrode plates. I find that the polarity reversal mode of the EU301 is insufficient. Has Mitsubishi Cleansui intervened with chemicals? What is the substance, how is it done, how often, and how much does it cost?

Electrolysis tank has Titanium and Platinum electrode plates, five in total, processed tightly to produce water with different pH levels. EU301 has a self-cleaning mechanism to extend lifespan of electrode plates. However, within 2 years, if the pH levels of water are not achieved as initially, please contact Cleansui for cleaning electrolytic tank. Customers can rest assured because the chemical is extracted from lemons (citric acid).

Cleaning electrode plates should be done by Cleansui technical service. To avoid damage or unintended issues, customers should not attempt to open the device for cleaning.

Cleansui Vietnam is implementing the Cleansui Care (C-Care) service to care for EU301. However, the scope of application is currently limited in some areas. For details, please contact Cleansui Vietnam at:

  • Southern: 1800 8171
  • Northern: 1800 8172
  • Email: support@mitsubishicleansui.vn