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mitsubishi cleansui

We are a member of the
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group

Mitsubishi Cleansui is a part of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings one of Japan's oldest and most influential corporations. We provide a wide array of products to ensure clean and naturally mineral water.

Mitsubishi Cleansui

A journey of more than 40 years of continuous innovation and development

"Bringing to you the safe, reliable, tasty water that you deserve" is our number one goal. And we won’t stop until we’ve reached it.
Mitsubishi Rayon, the forerunner of Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui, conducted research on polyethylene fiber for filtering water and blood.
Successfully researched and developed hollow fiber membrane, laying the foundation for subsequent products.
Production of artificial lungs, continue to research hollow fiber membrane in water treatments.
Introduced the first water purifier using hollow fiber membrane technology in Japan.
Success with the first water purifier in the form of a faucet - Cleansui Petit."
Introduced the first undersink water purifier, featuring an elegant and sophisticated design.
Mitsubishi Cleansui introduced the first commercial water purifier.
Introduced the first pitcher water purifiers
Officially entered the Vietnamese market. Being distributed by Hai Li Company Limited.
Mitsubishi Cleansui

Vision - Mission

Core values

Core values

Mitsubishi Cleansui prioritize customer health by offering top-notch products and attentive service, ensuring safe water and excellent experiences. We also encourage eco-friendly habits, advocating for direct tap water use to reduce plastic bottle consumption.



On the journey to deliver clean and natural minerals water every day, Mitsubishi Cleansui not only promotes a healthy lifestyle and ensures customer satisfaction but also contributes to environmental protection through eco-friendly products.



By 2030, our goal is to provide the most advanced water filtration solutions to Vietnamese. Our motivation is bring safe and natural minerals water every day for the health and happiness of Vietnamese.

Mitsubishi Cleansui

Our products & services

Mitsubishi Cleansui offers 20 diverse products, including high-capacity solutions for households, alkaline water ionizer purifiers for health, convenient under-sink purifiers, flexible counter-top purifiers and de-chlorinating showers for hair and skin protection.

Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifiers, manufactured in Japan, are the result of superior technology. It is ensuring optimal products in terms of quality, design and functionality.

Our customer service follows the 3-3-1 standard, offering support after 3 installation days, at 3 months, 1 year and annually. All installations and maintenance are carried out by Cleansui's technical service.

Mitsubishi Cleansui

Brand highlights

Value created through quality.

Mitsubishi Cleansui products have been established in over 40 countries. In Japan, we take pride in having sold 5,000,000 items and replaced 2,000,000 filter cartridges every year, contributing to providing clean water sources for families.

Japanese Brand

Global Reputation

Hollow fiber membrane technology

Preserving natural minerals in water

Exquisite and compact design

Space-efficient, easy installation


Minimize plastic waste

Mitsubishi Cleansui

Mitsubishi Cleansui - Represented by Hai Li Company Limited in Vietnam.

  • Provide genuine products specifically tailored to Vietnam’s environment and water sources.
  • In charge of product warranty
  • Conduct research on filtered water quality according to QCVN 6 1:2010/BYT
  • National technical regulation for bottled/packaged natural minerals waters and drinking waters.
Mitsubishi Cleansui

International awards &
safety standard certifications

Red Dot Design Award
Good Design Award
The Public Health and Safety Organization
Japan food research laboratories
Japanese Industrial Standard
Pasteur Institute Certification
Certification from General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality

Corporate social responsibility

Mitsubishi Cleansui – Started from water for community health

As a manufacturer of water purifiers, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer products and services that benefit community health, bringing positive value to society.

  • Bringing clean water– the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, enhancing well-being and reducing bottled water waste.
  • Ensuring efficient production processes and resource management, thereby minimizing the negative environmental impact.
  • Fulfilling corporate social responsibility through involvement in charitable activities, community support, and environmental conservation initiatives.
  • Encouraging sustainable supply chains and ethical behavior among suppliers and customers; promoting healthy lifestyles and environmentally friendly practices through communication.