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Preserving EUC2000 cartridge: Guide to proper storage during temporary discontinuation

MCC news

clock+icon 28.01.2024

To ensure that filtered water from EUC2000 cartridge maintains the manufacturer’s standards and is safe for direct consumption, please follow these steps when temporarily discontinuing use for over two weeks:

Disconnecting cartridge from device

Before disconnecting, ensure water valve is closed. Sequentially disconnect “OUT” and “IN” water hoses from cartridge.

Wrapping cartridge in foil paper or food wrap film

After removing water hoses, invert cartridge and shake it vigorously to expel any remaining water.

This is a crucial step because during storage in refrigerator at too low temperatures, residual water in cartridge may freeze, exerting strong pressure and potentially causing cartridge to break. Subsequently, use foil paper or food wrap film wrap to tightly cover cartridge.

Both ends of water hoses (“IN,” “OUT”) and nozzle should also be tightly wrapped to prevent dust and insects to avoid contamination.

Store in the cooler of refrigerator

Keep EUC2000 cartridge at 10-12 degrees Celsius in the cooler of refrigerator.

If using a mini bar refrigerator with a single compartment, adjust refrigeration temperature to the lowest setting to prevent freezing of cartridge. It is advisable to keep cartridge in vegetable compartment.

Before removing cartridge, wash your hands thoroughly or wear protective gloves to avoid risk of contamination at cartridge contact points, water hose ends or nozzle.

Proper usage and storage of cartridge are crucial not only for ensuring EUC2000 cartridge’s powerful and stable water filtration capabilities but also contribute to maintaining lifespan of cartridge and device.

For further advice and information related to EUC2000 cartridge, please contact Mitsubishi Cleansui at 1800 8171 (South) – 1800 8172 (North).