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Cartridge replacement protocol and genuine cartridge recognition process

MCC news

clock+icon 28.01.2024

To ensure that Mitsubishi Cleansui’s customers use genuine replacement cartridge, we are sharing cartridge replacement protocol and genuine cartridge recognition process in following article:

6-Step cartridge replacement process

Mitsubishi Cleansui executes 6-step cartridge replacement process as follows

Detailed information will be provided for each step:

a. Cartridge replacement time alert system

Our system will send a timely reminder message before 2 months. Additionally, within the last 7 days, Mitsubishi Cleansui system will issue another reminder. During this period, Our Customer Care and Cartridge Replacement Department will make direct phone calls. In cases where customers do not replace cartridge on time, we will continue to make reminder calls after 1-3-6 months. Particularly noteworthy, Mitsubishi Cleansui will send warning messages for overdue cartridge after 6-12 months.

Below is an example of messages and calls from Mitsubishi Cleansui.

b. Customer Notification of the Procedure

Here is the information for customers to verify if Cleansui technician arriving for cartridge replacement is genuinely from the authorized distributor. Along with this, there are key points to check before starting cartridge replacement.

Before starting, customers can call to Mitsubishi Cleansui hotline, check Cleansui technician’s ID card or uniform.

For cartridge, customers should inspect packaging, accompanying documents and seals. If everything is in order, you should sign Cleansui technical form and settle invoice.

Especially during cartridge replacement, Cleansui technician will remove in/out water hoses of old cartridge.

c. Product inspection for customers

There is an abundance of floating cartridge in market. Mitsubishi Cleansui offers guidelines to verify cartridges using the following criteria:

– Correct model: EUC2000

– The box should have correct design and barcode.

– Ensure presence of seals, additional labels, serial number labels, QR code labels and warranty sheets.

– Verify serial information through Mitsubishi Cleansui hotline

– Every sold cartridge is invoiced by Hai Li Company Limited

For cartridge that have not been used:

– They should feel lighter compared to old cartridge

– Still sealed at both in/out water hores and wrapped in a plastic bag within a cardboard box.

Above is information about cartridge replacement and genuine cartridge identification from Mitsubishi Cleansui. For any related inquiries, please contact 1800 8171 (South) – 1800 8172 (North) for more details.