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Comprehensive body detox with EU301

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clock+icon 01.02.2024

With rich and easy-to-assemble ingredients customizable to individual taste and preferences, detox is a method favored by busy individuals, especially office employees. In addition to familiar detox recipes involving fruits or vegetables, filtered water is also a key component for a comprehensive body detox.

Crafted by combining advanced water filtration technology with hollow fiber membrane and Japanese electrolysis technology, EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier creates 6 water modes with a pH range from 5.0 to 10.0, offering an effective choice for body detoxification. Explore comprehensive body detox with EU301 device in this article.

1. Gentle calorie burning with filtered water

According to a 2006 report in Obesity Journal (US), body remains in a constant state of hunger due to insufficient energy after a detox regimen. Conversely, method of weight loss through drinking water has been scientifically proven to be both safe and effective. Consuming 1-1.5 liters of water daily over a few weeks significantly contributes to notable reductions in weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and body fat.

By drinking an appropriate amount of filtered water tailored to your body’s needs each day, replacing sugary drinks, you can easily burn calories without giving up your favorite foods. The key concern is quality of filtered water you drink, ensuring it not only completely removes harmful residues and bacteria but also provides necessary natural minerals.

With EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier, you can drink water without worrying about its impact on weight loss. Filtered water in pH range of 7.0-7.5 provides a safe solution for weight loss. This water mode is not only clean but also contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Therefore, it is considered not only as purified water but also as beauty water, offering quick hydration and supplementing minerals for the skin.

2. Body balance with alkaline water

Through prolonged body detox without medical supervision can disrupt electrolyte balance, leading to issues in cardiac, digestive and muscular systems.

In the 1940s, Japanese scientists discovered alkaline water, labeling it as “reconstituted water” due to its ability to bring body back to a balanced and naturally healthy state.

Alkaline water serves as an instant rehydration solution for those experiencing dehydration from prolonged sun exposure. It is crucial for individuals regularly consuming stimulants like alcohol, beer, coffee,and cigarettes. Particularly for those prone to stress-related breakouts and late-night awakenings, alkaline water becomes indispensable, making it a vital element for modern health.

To balance body, you can choose alkaline water modes directly from EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier. With a pH range from 8.0 to 10.0, these 4 water modes offer various health benefits, including neutralizing excess acid for body balance, rapid electrolyte replenishment and support for digestion.

You can also use these modes for beauty purposes, such as preparing detox water, weight-loss drinks or refreshing beverages.

3. Clean and smooth skin with acidic water

The intake of excessive harmful substances in food, such as growth-promoting stimulants and preservatives, keeps body in a constant state of alert. Fortunately, with proper care, body has an excellent self-detoxification system through excretion, sweating, and respiration.

In addition to internal detoxification through ample water intake, it’s crucial to enhance the skin’s external protection. Use water purifiers to eliminate impurities and residual chlorine—the main culprit responsible for damaging the natural moisture of the epidermis—from tap water.

For your daily facial cleansing routine, trust acidic water by EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier. This water, devoid of residual chlorine and detrimental impurities, exhibits a slightly acidic, aiding in pore tightening and sanitizing damaged skin regions.

For your daily facial cleansing routine, rely on acidic water from EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier. This water, free of residual chlorine and detrimental impurities, has a slightly acidic nature, contributing to pore tightening and sanitizing damaged skin regions.

About EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier

EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier is a health care product developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation. This product incorporates hollow fiber membrane technology and electrolysis technology from Japan.

As a result, product offers 6 water modes with distinct pH levels. This includes an acidic water mode (pH = 5.0 – 6.5) tailored for skincare, a mineral-retaining filtered water mode (pH = 7.0 – 7.5) suitable for direct consumption, a strong alkaline water mode (pH from 10.0) designed for washing fruits and vegetables and 3 alkaline water modes (pH 8.0-10.0) crafted for direct drinking. These water modes promoting holistic health, fortifying immunity and assist in managing digestive and gastric concerns. To optimize the benefits of these water modes, it is crucial to judiciously employ 6 water modes.

Given its multitude of health and beauty benefits, EU301 alkaline water ionizer purifier stands out as a reliable and effective choice for comprehensive body detoxification.